Conference presentation on the application of 2D Materials' graphene in lithium-ion batteries

Sojitz Innovation Technology Laboratories Principal Researcher, Dr. Yoshiharu Ajiki will make a presentation titled "Feasibility Study of 2D Materials' Graphene as a Conductive additives for Lithium Ion Batteries" at the 63rd Battery Symposium in Japan (Fukuoka, Nov. 8-10, 2022).

Sojitz Corporation is participating in the field of next-generation technologies and new materials through its investment in 2D Materials Pte. Ltd. (Singapore)*1 , a company that manufacture and sell graphene, a promising new material. As a part of this investment, we are studying the possibility of applying graphene manufactured by 2D Materials to lithium-ion batteries.

※1 Sojitz Corporation Press Release on Investment in 2D Materials Pte. Ltd.
Sojitz Invests in Singapore’s 2D Materials Pte. Ltd. to Enter the Graphene Industry | 双日株式会社