Message from the President

SIIT was established in August 2019 as a Sojitz Group company with the goal of seeking out the seeds of innovation, cultivating them, and bringing them to fruition in the form of innovative technologies.

Accelerating climate change and more frequent severe weather phenomena, aging populations in developed countries and in East Asia, pandemics—these are some of the issues that are fundamentally transforming our socio-economic structures, and forcing us to confront new challenges. The seeds of new technologies which hold the potential to resolve these issues are growing at the speed of light: the permeation and progress in the area of IoT/AI technology, the expansion of biotechnology, and the rise of new platform-based business models.

With the support of Sojitz Corporation and its diverse customer base in Japan and throughout the world, we are always aware of these issues, keeping our eyes on the future, and seeking out the seeds of new technology. We will study these seeds thoroughly, and cultivate them so that they might produce new technologies that will one day contribute to the solutions for the issues we face in today’s society.

Together, we can innovate towards a brighter tomorrow.

July, 2020
President Masashi Oki